We prevent you from being blindsided
as well as help you unlock hidden value.

For almost 30 years, S4 Consulting has been helping companies develop a deep understanding of their most critical B2B relationships to increase revenues, lower costs, and minimize risk.


What We Do

We help companies grow and thrive.

We diagnose problems first, then build programs and solutions that fit your needs – not the other way around.

It’s the reason so many of our clients recommend us… and why you will, too.

Our clients come to us when they have problems in their organization, such as:

Underperforming Partnerships

Methods to maximize the impact of established strategic alliances.

Eroding Margins

Programs that slow and eliminate the erosion of your company’s critical cash flow.

Disjointed Supply Chains

Processes to identify and repair broken distribution channels, or build new connections.

Poor Alignment

Systems to get team members in the same boat, rowing in the same direction.

Siloed Departments

Assessments that tear down barriers and open internal communication channels.


B2B Customer Opportunities

Methods to shift organizational focus from internal efficiency to external effectiveness.


Who We Help

Business Relationship Pros

Two books on strategic account management and powerful business relationships.
Decades of experience helping companies navigate strong and tough markets.
Thousands of hours of implementation. (And that’s just the beginning.)