Is Your Business Thriving?

Is Your Business Thriving?

Thriving Business

I’m on the road a lot, so I am often asked why I keep this pace up.

The truth is: I love what I do!

Every day I get to help business leaders and their businesses grow and thrive. I make plenty of time for family, friends and relaxation, but I can’t think of anything I would rather do.

Is that true for you and your business too? If not, do you know where you’re stuck?

I have begun to realize that much of my life has been driven by this passion to help things thrive.

My Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus in my kitchen is a small example. I watch it grow, then the bud appears and just before it blooms- much to my dismay- it falls off. I cheer it along and soon it tries again- first the bloom, then again it falls. “Ah, come on now!!”

I hate to see plants, people or businesses almost make it. We’re meant to live fully – to thrive. We all become discouraged or disappointed when a business struggles. We know how much better it feels, how much more productive and satisfying it is when we thrive in our businesses.

The question becomes: What does it mean to thrive for you and your business?

Our definitions of thriving may differ, as may the places where we get stuck, but one thing I have learned is: It’s tough to thrive in business without strong business relationships. In this complex and interconnected global world, we need strong internal and external business relationships to accomplish our goals and realize our dreams.

So, how do you define thriving for you and your business?

And where are your business relationships (or lack thereof) preventing you from thriving?

Photo courtesy of The Greenery Nursery.

Sallie Sherman is the CEO of S4 Consulting. She is an expert in helping organizational leaders transform the way they approach critical B2B relationships and implement the complex changes needed to manage those relationships as strategic assets. Sallie has written two books.