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For almost three decades Sallie Sherman, Joseph Sperry and, more recently, Steve Vucelich have been helping companies increase revenues, reduce costs, and lower risk by helping firms optimize their B2B relationships.

Five Keys to Powerful Business RelationshipsLearn to unlock the potential of your business relationships that boost individual influence – and organizational success.

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Five Keys to Powerful Business Relationships goes beyond the usual bonhomie, grip-and-grin, back slapping dimension of business relationships. This book outlines a fresh, more systematic perspective to an area usually thought of as the soft side of business.

Learn to spot the relationships that are not generating their full power – and turn them into drivers of profit and growth through higher productivity, effectiveness & influence.

The Five Keys will teach you how to:

  • Open up the lines of communication by connecting with people on a personal level first to enable more productive relationships.
  • Adapt your problem-solving approach, anticipate problems sooner, and influence others over time by learning to see the world from their perspective.
  • Deconstruct the elements of trust, and provide tips of increasing the levels within your interpersonal, team, and organization-level relationships.
  • and much more.

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Seven Keys to Managing Strategic AccountsMarket-proven strategies to generate competitive advantage by identifying and always taking care of your best customers

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The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts provides decision makers with a proactive program for profitably managing their largest, most critical customers–their strategic accounts. Drawing on the expertise of S4 Consulting, Inc., a leading-edge provider of strategic account consulting, and Miller Heiman, a global sales training leader serving many Fortune 500companies, this how-to book shows how many of today’s market leaders have learned to focus on their most profitable customers, avoiding or overcoming common program implementation errors before they become relationship-crippling disasters.

Placing its total focus on the design and implementation of cost-effective strategic account management programs, this hands-on book provides:

  • A world-class competency model for strategic account managers
  • Techniques for developing a program to manage and grow “co-destiny” relationships
  • Examples and cases from Honeywell, 3M,and other leading corporations

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