Five Keys to Powerful Relationships

Spot the relationships that are not generating their full power – and turn them into drivers of profit and growth through higher productivity, effectiveness & influence.


For almost three decades Sallie Sherman, Joseph Sperry and, more recently, Steve Vucelich have been helping companies increase revenues, reduce costs, and lower risk by helping firms optimize their B2B relationships.

Five Keys to Powerful Business Relationships teaches business executives, team leaders, and employees learn to unlock the potential of your business relationships that boost individual influence – and organizational success.

The five keys of powerful business relationships include:

  1. Connect First, Then Focus on Task
  2. Learn By Walking in Another’s Shoes
  3. Trust Is Up to You
  4. Share Information, Increase Your Power
  5. Manage Yourself Before Others

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“Five Keys to Powerful Business Relationships goes beyond the usual bonhomie, grip-and-grin, back slapping dimension of business relationships. This book outlines a fresh, more systematic perspective to an area usually thought of as the soft side of business.” – Bradley J. Mitchell, Former Chief Commercial Officer of AccuWeather, Inc.