Bottom-Line Growth Through People

Powerful relationships aren’t just something that magically appear.

Relationships are complex. They require time, effort, attention and focus to empower.
But when properly aligned, relationships have the opportunity to unleash hidden value for organizations.

Do your business relationships need re-charging?

S4’s robust suite of consulting services is organized around the four key categories of business relationships.
Download our brochure for a complete perspective and learn how to unleash the power of your business’s most valuable asset.


No two organizations are the same.

Nor are the problems and opportunities they face. It’s why we implement solutions tailored to your specific needs.

No templates, out-of-the-box solutions, or standard programs.

At S4, plans are based on your guidance and input to mesh with your organization’s culture, industry, available resources, and existing internal and external relationships.


Custom solutions that break down barriers critical to performance.



Programs that align the energies of individuals, teams, groups & organizations.



Processes that have been refined over two and a half decades of implementation.



Successful outcomes delivered by proven industry experts, not first-year junior consultants.


What Our Clients Say

  • "The information was not only gathered and assembled but put into context and delivered with step-by-step suggestions on how you go about solving the problems that have been identified. S4 Consulting was there with us to provide that service and help us grow our market share and revenues."
    VP of MarketingGlobal Logistics Company
  • "Using S4 Consulting allowed us to become far more customer centric. They helped us deepen and broaden our customer relationships, understand the economic value of those customers, and realign our firm internally to better serve those customers. Their insight and guidance helped us transform the way we do business."
    President & CEONorth American Energy Services Company
  • "We've learned a lot from S4. They've brought a lot of value. Their approach is different from most other consulting firms. We worked with them as "trusted business advisors", who stayed and helped us implement behind the scenes. They are so genuine, so rich in experience and so easy to trust."
    VP, Customer SolutionsFinancial Services Company
  • "It's been excellent. I'm impressed with the overall breadth of their approach, the time they took to get to know our organization and the way they built relationships beyond just my team. We have had long-standing differences among some key internal divisions and groups. No matter what we did, nothing seem to solve the problem. It's been helpful to have an outside third party involved with their unique set of skills. In the process, I've learned a tremendous amount about my leadership style and my impact on others. Best of all, this work has supported our overall strategy for organizational change. S4 has made a huge impact on me, my team, and our organization."
    EVP, StrategyTelecommunications Company
  • "What I've liked about S4 is their clear application. Theory is great, you can talk about best practices all you want, but S4 offers a bridge to implementation and seeing how a practice can be applied to our organization. Some consultants are so high-level or "fluffy" that their ideas are never usable...S4 does a different job in a different space from [some of the big name players] ... They could not have done what S4 did in terms of creating organizational alignment."
    Senior VP, ITProfessional Services Firm
  • "Most consultants have canned answers or they tell you what they think you want to hear. S4 listens. We had a problem with a major customer. S4 went out and did field research with the customer. They talked with us about the life cycle of a customer and showed us what we would have to do if we wanted to keep the customer. Together we used S4's recovery process to win back that customer. Now years later that same customer is our largest customer. They helped us transform both our internal and external relationships so as to significantly grow our business."
    Senior VP, LegalEnergy Services Company