Acquisition Integration

Acquisition Integration

A large wholesaler bought its largest competitor. The President wanted to quickly merge the two firms and overcome the history of mutual enmity.

What We Did:

S4 helped during the relationship due diligence, then developed a merger implementation plan and led the key players of both firms through an alignment process that allowed them to commit to the goals of the merged business, the changes that would be required from all, and the ways each could contribute to and benefit from the success of the merger.


The President, who was experienced in mergers, reported that the alignment processes and meetings saved the firm at least six months of bickering and lost productivity, and lead to significant improvements in all of the firm’s key performance measures, including:

  • EBITDA %
  • Market share
  • Cost per item acquired
  • Revenue per item sold
  • Employee turnover and its related costs

In addition, the integration worked so well that it was almost impossible to tell who had worked for the company one year later.

February 20, 2014