• "Most of my experience has been with two kinds of vendors: research firms and technical consultants. The research companies gather intelligence on industry products, sales and service, and then they dump and run. Some might make a few verbal suggestions, but they're not tailored to our specific situation. The technical consultants come with a tool set, but they haven't studied our business enough to realize that their solutions don't necessarily work for a regulated industry or a financial services industry. S4 understands B2B so they are not suggesting things that are so "out there" that they are unreasonable. A lot of firms come in and propose to retool everything. S4 takes a very practical approach. They say let's take on one or two issues and try to make them better. Then when we've accomplished that, we'll decide if we want to take on more."
    Senior VPFortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company
  • "Most consultants have canned answers or they tell you what they think you want to hear. S4 listens. We had a problem with a major customer. S4 went out and did field research with the customer. They talked with us about the life cycle of a customer and showed us what we would have to do if we wanted to keep the customer. Together we used S4's recovery process to win back that customer. Now years later that same customer is our largest customer. They helped us transform both our internal and external relationships so as to significantly grow our business."
    Senior VP, LegalEnergy Services Company
  • "The information was not only gathered and assembled but put into context and delivered with step-by-step suggestions on how you go about solving the problems that have been identified. S4 Consulting was there with us to provide that service and help us grow our market share and revenues."
    VP, MarketingGlobal Logistics Company
  • "S4 proved to us that they really understood our business - and that was very important to us. It was important that they had a process that was repeatable. We have 150 people all over the United States, and there is constant turnover. We felt their program could be repeated over and over and produce good results. It helped that they proposed a simple program. The other people we considered came to us with 25 books and 14 follow up steps. It was just too complicated for the culture of our company. So the quality of your process - and its simplicity--met our needs."
    VP, Sales TrainingManufacturing Company
  • "They are very responsive, adaptive and multi-faceted in many areas of business. They have expertise around management solutions to complex and varied business issues. They are particularly skilled in getting both personal and organizational commitment to doing things differently."
    VP, OperationsManufacturing Company
  • "It's been excellent. I'm impressed with the overall breadth of their approach, the time they took to get to know our organization and the way they built relationships beyond just my team. We have had long-standing differences among some key internal divisions and groups. No matter what we did, nothing seem to solve the problem. It's been helpful to have an outside third party involved with their unique set of skills. In the process, I've learned a tremendous amount about my leadership style and my impact on others. Best of all, this work has supported our overall strategy for organizational change. S4 has made a huge impact on me, my team, and our organization."
    EVP, StrategyTelecommunications Company

* S4 Consulting does not disclose the names of client personnel and, for this reason, the testimonials will remain anonymous.