• "What I've liked about S4 is their clear application. Theory is great, you can talk about best practices all you want, but S4 offers a bridge to implementation and seeing how a practice can be applied to our organization. Some consultants are so high-level or "fluffy" that their ideas are never usable...S4 does a different job in a different space from [some of the big name players] ... They could not have done what S4 did in terms of creating organizational alignment."
    Senior VP, ITProfessional Services Firm
  • "I didn't expect that we would end up partnering so much with S4. They have really helped us understand relationship management, align our organization, and engage people throughout the organization as part of the process. We have grown-- both personally and financially--as a result of our work with S4."
    EVP, Sales & MarketingFortune 100 Insurance Company
  • "Using S4 Consulting allowed us to become far more customer centric. They helped us deepen and broaden our customer relationships, understand the economic value of those customers, and realign our firm internally to better serve those customers. Their insight and guidance helped us transform the way we do business."
    President & CEONorth American Energy Services Company
  • "S4 came to the table with a lot of experience and knowledge of the B2B world. They also came not just with theories but with a lot of practical tools; for example, a road map and a detailed communication plan. I hate consultants who just tell us what to do and then walk away. They stayed and worked through the highs and the lows and helped us create a sustainable, competitive advantage."
    VP, Strategic AccountsHealth Services Company
  • "They are very responsive, adaptive and multi-faceted in many areas of business. They have expertise around management solutions to complex and varied business issues. They are particularly skilled in getting both personal and organizational commitment to doing things differently."
    VP, OperationsManufacturing Company
  • "The information was not only gathered and assembled but put into context and delivered with step-by-step suggestions on how you go about solving the problems that have been identified. S4 Consulting was there with us to provide that service and help us grow our market share and revenues."
    VP of MarketingGlobal Logistics Company

* S4 Consulting does not disclose the names of client personnel and, for this reason, the testimonials will remain anonymous.