How Winners Get Through the Tough Times

How Winners Get Through the Tough Times

1. Take Better Care. First and foremost, people who manage well in turbulent times start by taking better care of themselves. They eat better, drink less, and make certain they get some exercise. That allows them to clear their heads, reduce their stress and be more resilient. It helps them avoid being overwhelmed.

2. Stay Focused. They stay more focused on doing an excellent job on the task at hand. That way they experience regular short-term successes that keep them motivated.

3. Know the Options. They have looked at possible scenarios and know their options, but they don’t dwell on the worst-case scenarios. They stay open to all possibilities so they can make the most of whatever situation arises.

4. Listen Better. They talk less and become better listeners. They practice their reflective listening skills. They create an environment in which those around them can vent their frustration, concerns or fears, feel heard and then they move on.

5. Stay Centered & Confident. People who thrive on turbulent times stay centered and confident. They understand that confidence is contagious and they draw on a climate that promotes confidence. They look for possibilities rather than blind alleys.

6. Network. They don’t try to go it alone. They increase their connections with others and draw off their skills.

7. Keep Evolving. They are sure that this, too, will pass. They know change is constant. 

Sallie Sherman is the CEO of S4 Consulting. She is an expert in helping organizational leaders transform the way they approach critical B2B relationships and implement the complex changes needed to manage those relationships as strategic assets. Sallie has written two books.